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Met a new friend/penpal on a friendship/dating site who's asking you for money?


Does somebody want to transfer millions of dollars into your account?


Does someone want to pay you to cash cheques and send them the money?


Have you sold an item and are asked to accept a payment larger than the item amount?


Has a dying person contacted you wanting your help to give his money to charity?


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pissed off user |
This guy keeps calling asking for my wife, even though i tell him she's at work. We get on average 6 calls per day from this number, leaving no message and has been going on for almost 2 weeks now.


SenegalStyle |
I have gotten two text messages from this phone number on a dumb phone... so this isn't internet related and they found me anyway! One was from Dakar Sushi, a Japanese restaurant in West Africa last night and today I got the sms text messages from a 77 404 9388 number saying I have 'successfully changed my TripAdvisor contact information' and if I didn't to call this international number +8773547539. They are trying really hard to get me to call the number and get my info. I do have a TA account so they targeted me as an owner. Fortunately for for me, I'm not stupid and unfortunately for them, I'll be logging this warning everywhere I can think of on line, starting with the Owner's Forum on TA.


Jahshan |
It's Clinton Correctional Facility, someone is calling you.


Jon Wegner |
This phone number belongs to Jon Wegner of Avant Bellwether. This is a courtesy post, I am Jon Wegner. If you receive a call from my number, please feel free to call it back. I have had reports of spoofed calls using my number. Ridiculous


Ron Williams |
Find out if your spouse is cheating. Hack any mobile phone (both physically &remotely). Hack any website/database. Fix your credit score. Remove Bad Records and a whole lot more. Contact - [email protected]


Terry |
Just received a call from this number. Called back. A woman picked up told me wrong number....


Dan |
She uses fake pictures to attract men to her massage place at 1300 state street. She if FAT!


5704044603 is my cell phone number and it is not SPAM


BA |
Unsolicited pre-recorded ILLEGAL robocall offering to sell a car I have listed, despite the ad stating Do Not Contact if you are offering me a service. I've had this issue before with another company.....time to file FCC and Do Not Call Registry complaints until they stop!! Total spammer and a scammer too. They'll take your $200 and basically do nothing. Longwood Industries, DBA Total scumbags. They just make a new DBA when the old one gets played out.


van |
ive gotten a call from this number 12 times now. annoying!


Ketty jasmin |
Got a call from this number stated i owed money they were going to take me to court if i didnt pay theyre scammers do not answer


Andrea Copp |
They texted me saying "I know what your doing and I'm telling them " I said what They said "your sick" Btw I was teaching my daughter how to parallel park... It upset her.. Im like I don't know anyone in Tennessee...


Jackie |
tells me to call this number to receive my free apple watch series 1 ,,,,, yea right ,,,, block the number.....


Robert |
This is a collection agency. They have an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. Not spam.


BT |
This is the University of Little Rock (Arkansas) calling about a survey in reference to quitting smoking.


claims to be a reminder to for a local scheduled superior court appearance.


Cfesbr |
This number kept calling my father so I called it back and got vm. Told them if they didn't stop calling him I'd report them to police. They called me back and txted me a few hrs later being very rude and harassing me.


Tazztunes |
Why would this be a call from Tempe AZ about water sewer treatment when the area code is from Alabama?


solidspoon |
i called them it was chubb security on the other line..


gloria |
Y que tiene que ver las llamadas de ese numero?


Harley Napier |
Thsee complaints a lies!!! I looked up my own number and got the same thing.!!!


Lisa |
They are soliciting money on behalf of a charity. No idea if it is legit or not.


Joe Spinelli |
Called me and new I applied for a mortgage through lending tree. She said you know having bad credit impacts your ability to get a loan right? She said I had negative things on my credit report. I have credit scores in the 800s and use a credit monitoring service. No way in hell my credit is bad. As soon as she heard credit monitoring she hung up on me! HA! Total Scam!!


MC |
443-304-4070 is associated with scam calls. They may say they are your vendor or are with one of your vendors and may even be extremely rude. They are not the vendor. It is a scam call.


M white |
It's speedy Cash, payday loan place.


CK |
din answer as i know it is a overseas call


Jemma |
Messaged me saying i have a package that was attempted to be delivered when I haven't ordered anything


Hello Hello |
Received a call this am, first one I remember from this number. Recording said the call was about student loan forgiveness. I pressed 1 to hear more info, got a recording that everyone was on another line and if I'd leave a message including how much I owed in student loans, the next available person would call me back. I hung up. Figured if I was eligible for student loan forgiveness, the Dept of Education would let e know.


Doug |
This is a hooker named Porsche Ridenour


Claimed to be Publishers Clearing House


Pg |
Assholes says his name is Robert Sanchez has court papers lol


Blale |
No answer... just sat on silent mode for 30 seconds.. then hung up


Ziah Nav |
this guy stated he is from DEERS. I made a call to them a few days ago but they said they were returning my call back request.


Michelle Carey |
Been receiving calls from this number for a month. I don't answer. No voicemail is ever left. When I try to call back it doesn't go through, disconnected


Mr Annoyec |
Third party debt collector. Name: Gass Mountain Capital, LLC


Sharon |
This number is Candi Mounts, Drunk from Richmond, Indiana - Verizon number


florence |
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Jennnifer |
Just called me saying they were IRS. Read my address to me and said since I did not believe they were sending the police and hung up on me.


VaVa |
Got call on 08/02 seemed to be fake call with country name Egypt.


mutsy |
This is Breckland Council, Thetford, Norfolk


Annoyrd |
Calls every day and leaves no Message. I don't call back


Bridget |
It was my health department calling about a appointment


Sara Michelle |
Not at all happy that this person wont stop calling


Adam Knot |
Ah the wonderful solar scampers strike again. This time on a Saturday evening. It never ends


Tracy |
They're with a so-called affordable health insurance company. I never visited any health insurance website, I gave nobody permission to call. Some websites have a bunch of people's comments saying this is a legitimate number for Google. So, I answered the third time they called me today. I can tell you it is absolutely not Google!!


Andy Horlock |
Phoned and asked to the speak to the business owner - I said no and hung up. Apparently it came across as rude - They phoned again two days later and asked to speak to the business owner - I asked who he wanted to speak to as there are two - he didn't know - so I hung up.


Markus Lanze |
Achtung Abzocke: Die Vorwahl 00881...oder auch +881 ist dem Satelliten-Betreiber Globalstar zugeteilt. Der Anrufer lässt es auf deinem Phone 1x klingeln. Wer aus Neugier zurückruft bezahlt dies sehr teuer!


Annoyed person |
Woke me up at 8 in the morning, they left a voicemail and the person who left didn't speak English and it came from this very number which is apparently located in London.


David G |
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley emergency test system. Wants you to confirm receipt by pressing 1.


lcam |
Rude sick persn.


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