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Met a new friend/penpal on a friendship/dating site who's asking you for money?


Does somebody want to transfer millions of dollars into your account?


Does someone want to pay you to cash cheques and send them the money?


Have you sold an item and are asked to accept a payment larger than the item amount?


Has a dying person contacted you wanting your help to give his money to charity?


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Jane Smith |
They send me SMS every day saying: FNB :) you international transaction has been declined as daily limit is exceeded, log onto internet banking to increase limit. I have not made an international purchase, so it's a scam.


Victor Frank |
Called this afternoon, left no message on answering machine.


Mandy Simon |
These people continually call my handicapped daughter's cell phone. She is a minor and is in a wheelchair. You would think these people would have more scruples than THAT. But NO! They are all made from that green smelly algae that you find growing in the bottom of an old wooden outhouse that is over-flowing with decades of excrement.


Ian |
Be careful!!!! They pretend that they are from IRS and have a case regarding a tax evasion on your name.


Marcella Mad |
They have called me for the last two weeks now...apparently some guy named Robert is insisting that i pay for a payday loan from 2013. Not going to happen...i never applied for a payday loan. I asked him daily to stop calling me and he says he'll try again the next day...What a challenged individual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hghgfhd |
call then drop the call


M Rivera |
I received a call from this number and I recently applied for Family leave at work due a surgery I had and this call was from Cigna Ins. Co. which is who I applied for family leave with


Tom Brunner |
This number called me several times today. After the third time, when i answered the call, the hung up. No it's blocked. Never call back a number you don't know!!!


WhiteRose |
Well, i know him also from dating site, but his name jamal al din zafar, and ya always refuse to video call. have same work with what he tell to bee, but originally from france LOL. beware girls


denmar |
3 unwanted calls from this number. Others say from Starwood vacations. Don't want no 'free' vacations. Nothing is ever free


Bran Scot |
I want to appreciate HEATHER PERKINS LOAN COMPANY for giving the loan amount i apply for without any delay contact the company through email: [email protected] to get your urgent loan to pay your bills without any delay because this company gave me the loan amount i needed that change my life and i believe they can do it for you too


Bran Scot |
I want to appreciate HEATHER PERKINS LOAN COMPANY for giving the loan amount i apply for without any delay contact the company through email: [email protected] to get your urgent loan to pay your bills without any delay because this company gave me the loan amount i needed that change my life and i believe they can do it for you too


585-643-1944 - called posing as marketer/rep for large tech company asking for inside contact information. likely spam/scam, do not provide any info to this caller


johnt |
It's a collection agency now. Been calling for weeks and never say anything. Just called them back and wasted their time a bit, too.


Km |
It's a car loan conpany


Guest |
This is a call center in disguise as a prestigious consulting firm


Beth boyd |
It's an in home chef who has a history of domestic violence.


Gigio Puddu |
they are very annoying. Blacklisted number..


Wank |
This bottom dweller called from their govt paid phone and threatened us about formal complaints abd documents that are being sent. This phone number gets tons of complaints of harrassment.


Pyramid scheme


Bryce Monaghan |
This is Eric Cane Phone Number. Moore Square Middle. Raleigh NC


Sophie |
Received a call moments ago stating that they had my number from a time I "stayed at one of their resorts" recently. The voice sounded recorded and automated, but the message actually had glitches to make it sound like it was a live person (I think to keep me on the line longer).


John Doe |
got a call from these guys, didn't answer. Seems like spam. They didn't leave a message.


SR |
receive a call every day in the morning... I do not answer ...


12.12.16 |
Not the number of a known con-man. It's the number to a young lady in Massachusetts.


Ant |
1st Call Cleaning Company number, person is a company ok number A


INC (454-7948) Called 2.43 p.m. 12-4-2016 1:30 p.m. 12-4-2016 3.19 p.m. 12-3-2016 I am sure it is a scam!


Imma real Person |
(669) 444-0510 They have an add on Craigslist for a camper for sale In Montgomery Alabama


Bee |
In my case, he used the name Jamal al Din Razak. Good looking (from the pictures he sent via whatsapp, surely he has stolen someone's identity) and says he is a Kuwaiti staying and working as Medical Engineer in Westminster, London. After a few phone conversations and text messages (everyday), when I request him to go on video call, he refuses and totally disappears and block your number totally. Online Dating Scam. Please watch out.


Rick Sanchez |
I don't owe anyone anything, don't believe this scammer.


She gave me a std!!!!! She is white female escort in inland empire You have been warned


john |
PLEASE EVERY ONE READ THIS!!!! Hello,This is a Life Time transformation, Celebrate this christmas season with joy and gladness in your heart!!!Am so happy I got mine from MRS CLARA. My blank ATM card can withdraw $2,000 daily. I got it from Her last week and now I have $14,000 for free. The blank ATM withdraws money from any ATM machines and there is no name on it, it is not traceable and now i have money for business and enough money for me and my family to live on .I am really happy i met MRS CLARA because i met two people before her and they took my money not knowing that they were scams. But am happy now. MRS CLARA sent the card through DHL and i got it in two days. Get your own card from her now she is not like other scammer pretending to have the ATM card,She is giving it out for free to help people even if it is illegal but it helps a lot and no one ever gets caught. i am grateful to MRS CLARA because she changed my story all of a sudden . The card works in all countries except,Mali and Nigeria. MRS CLARA email address is [email protected],


xotanyaox |
This is a replacement agency who work on behalf of insurers to replace electrical goods. Direct validation services


Rachel Smith |
Told me I had won a contest for a new truck and $25K by entering a coupon contest at Walmart. I haven't shopped at Walmart in years. I asked for certification of the contest, he asked me if I wanted the truck delivered today, I said no, and he hung up. Never give out personally identifiable information over the phone.


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They continue to make multiple harassment calls demanding a donation! They refuse to stop calling my phone multiple times a day every week. They refuse to remove my phone number from their calling lists and future calls. When I got a human being once they said "sorry" but the calls keep coming! Now they use a robodialer and a robot for the calls! how do you argue/reason with a robot!?! When and if you ever get a human on these calls they don't understand why they will never get any money from me and why I'm angry from their multiple calls that disturb my peace and quiet. Foundation for American Veterans = SCAM/SPAM deserve to be punished!


Checker |
Dining Rewards for Outback, Carraba's, Bonefish Grill, etc... Returning call regarding dining discrepancy I submitted for meal not registering on an app. There was a very long dead air pause before they picked up, but it is legitimate.


Lisa |
Got a phone call from this number 2166851996, caller ID, said pay phone Lol how stupid!!! obviously a spoofed call!!! I tried to call it back and it was disconnected.


Sigrid Io |
This phone number belongs to a London drug dealer. He is absolutely insane and will rob and possible hurt you. DO NOT pick up. DO NOT contact him. Block his number and report to the police.


Kt |
Called me at 9 PM on a week day and left a silent voicemail


Sabrina |
Calls every day with a new scam, refuses to quit. Called me nasty names and threatened to have me arrested for debts I dont owe


Ricard Hunt |
Oh! a recruiter on the phone, but am not looking. He had a role for me in Mass, relocating to lovely NC a month ago!!


y |
got call multiple times but didnt pickup


Idiot Savoint |
this guys stupited ask for my name and says u prescribed to some service i said no ididnt and he hung up LOL what an idiot how dose this guy got my name


Harrow Woman |
This number came up on my mobile as being from Egypt, they did not leave a voicemail. I have now blocked the number on my phone so wont be bothered by them again, thank you Apple!!


Mandy |
+4129670124 i got a call too it rings again i will tell him or her to FUCK OFF


Anthony |
Several calls each day and phone numbers keep changing to bypass the blocking feature of the phone.


Graham Holt |
I was called by this number and the caller was very persuasive saying he worked for BT Internet Support. He claimed I had an internet problem that he wanted to check the connection without me needing to give him access to my system. I spent ages telling him I was not a BT customer and I doubted his story but he stuck to it so I asked for a call-back No which he gave me - 0275650008. This Te' No. is unknown in the UK therefore not a BT No. I then reported both Nos to BT as scamming Nos and BT thanked me. Do NOT believe this company if they call you. They are nothing to do with BT. You have been warned.


Kevin |
This is he left on voicemail. Hello! I hope this e-mail finds you well! This is Brad Carlton. I would love to know if you are available for Martial Art Class and do you accept credit card for payment ?? kindly get back to me ASAP


Richard |
845-732-8309 called a few times. I picked up the last time and said hello twice, no one answered and the line went dead. Robocaller


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