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Anonymous |
Leave former President Obama out of this. Some People were totally Racess toward the Former President. 651-404-2415 called me from a St. Paul, MN BURBY Hastings. I had to call back for a brief moment. He asked whom I was, I said: whom are you calling? I'm Not telling you whom I am. He said that he was looking for so & so. I said you got the wrong number & the jerk said he'll lose my number: yeah right; I blocked him from calling back. Whom gives a Hot Damn if anyone knows a soul in this town? It has nothing to do with knowing a soul their. Usually; it's a call center; that's located their. It's long over due to Grown up! Instead of whining; re; these calls keep coming in; buy a new phone with block services; many different prices. In order to afford; look @ your budget, e.g. cut I/a Cable, Smokes, eating out, junk food, use Public Transit or Car Pool, cut down on shopping for new clothes that's not needed. Before you know it. You have the Budget to buy a new phone & block this jerk from calling you. The Recording makes it clear; that you're not accepting any calls from that number: e.g. 651-404-2415. Or call Your Cell Phone or Land Line Phone Company. Maybe these young kids will invent devices to stop scammers from calling & it'll cut down on whining complaints.


Kushdaddy |
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Lina Levit |
got a call as from Columbus NE, did not leave a message


Johnny Dosher |
I received a call from this number after filling out a request for information on business telephone service. Has anyone tried to call this number back ?


NC |
Called saying someone was pressing a lawsuit against someone and not able to give out who is pressing it so the information could be verified. Disturbing going to be handing this over to the police.


Darcy |
They aren't going to stop calling you just because you write "stop calling" on this website. This website is NOT AFFILIATED with the number that you searched! Let's think, people.


Callie |
Robo call with computer voice saying to return call - no other message


Didn't answer. They Did not leave a message.


J. W. Beals |
Caller ID said "Unknown Caller" but it was a robocall. I did not remain on the line long enough to find out their spiel.


J. W. Beals |
Caller ID said Investment Cent, but when I answered there was no response. I am on the national Do Not Call list.


maxwell |
I give blank ATM Card that can withdraw $2000USD daily from any ATM and any where around the world for a period of 2 Months, contact me for more details on Email: [email protected]


This number's owner |
Happy to know someone is spoofing using my phone number...


Mr Unknown |
This number belongs to scammers and they act as calling from Scottish Power but the geographic location of this number is London, UK. You can't call back on this number. The same guy also called me from another number 0800 8456212 If you call back on any of the above numbers but can't be connected. Beware of these dodgy people. The guy was rude and misbehaved when I have asked him to remove my number from your calling list. The same guy is keep calling from different numbers. I hope someone can take serious action against them.


MP |
Keep getting calls and no message left. Will block.


anon |
called at work hung up caller id was bestcut


Michael |
This company, In-House Receivable Services or IRS violates BC laws with harassing phone calls, Report them to Consumer Protection BC at 1.888.564.9963 You can also call 778-348-0264.


Lynda Allen |
I found the call on my call log and looked it up with an app. I have. It didn't come up with any information.


Quick Brown Fox |
An unwanted call from this Inglewood landline arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, the caller responded with dead silence. This is the tactic of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who continuously troll the phone lines, desperately seeking gullible schmucks to victimize. According to the website the owner of this number is someone named Elevia Gomez. Many posters report it is a disconnected or spoofed number. This is another reason why you should LET YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE TAKE THESE PATHETIC CALLS.


hi |
It's Carter Blood Care asking you to donate blood.


brad |
This is TNT couriers that legitimately deliver parcels in australia


owlity |
Keeps calling, but doesn't leave a message. Stop calling me!


Californicated1 |
Just got call from this number at 12:13 US-PDT (UST -07:00). Answered call and it sounded like a blank recording was trying to start. Left call on, switched to speaker and they hung up. It does sound like a robocall with the OGA malfunctioning.


I answered and they asked for me by my first and last name. I did not confirm. I asked where they were calling from. They said. "I am calling on a recorded line, is this? (my full name)". I asked again where they were calling from. They stated I cannot tell you that yet, unless this is (my full name). Is this? (my full name again). I stayed silent and didn't respond. They said nevermind into the phone and then hung up. I heard of a scam where they record you saying yes and can use that alone to scam. I also know by law if you ask where they are calling from they have to tell you. If it is a legitimate company, or even a debt collector. Really fishy to me. Not today scammer...not today.


I answered and they asked dor me by my first and last name. I did not confirm. I asked where they were calling from. They said. "I am calling on a recorded line, is this? (my full name)". I asked again where they were calling from. They stated I cannot tell you that yet, unless this is (my full name). Is this? (my full name again). I stayed silent and didn't respond. They said nevermind into the phone and then hung up. I heard of a scam where they rcord you saying yes and can use that alone to scam. I also know by law if you ask where they are calling from they have to tell you. If it is a legitimate company, or even a debt collector. Really fishy to me. Not today scammer...not today.


Joy Mardi |
I received a call from this number several times. Didn't pick it up before. Picked it up today. Speaks like someone who's either drunk or high. The guy cut the line after a few seconds.


travis tender |
Whore on sex line


JoRo |
LEOSLOTS, texting me everyday even though I have not signed up to them and my number is on the TPS. Haven't txt them to stop as unsure what their text rate is so have just blocked them and hopefully won't hear from them again. Also reported them to the TPS for harassment.


Sounded legit, but is a common scam to acquire personal info. Claimed to be Joe from United Healthcare, coordinator with benefits eligibility division. Offers to file for disability, following recent letter sent. Actual United Healthcare has no such division, & offers no such service. No letter was sent. Scam call. ... ty-applications


S.A Productions |
This number is not a telemarketer. It belongs to S.A Productions which is a post production house in Los Angeles. They have had this number for over 12 years so if you are getting calls from this number then it was probably spoofed.


Jodi |
Called yesterday.


Stopcalling |
Fucken scaming peace of shit!! Stop callin me every fucken day!!! Not givin any info to the cunts!!!


Ryanbest74 |
Apparently they have a personal business matter for me but won't tell me what it is until I confirm my drivers license number bsb and account number and my tfn. Dont trust them. Unsafe and I believe trying to commit identity fraud.


Stacey Milano |
Myself and my daughter both receieved a call from this number. They said that we had won tickets to the NRL final. We did not enter any competition. We do not watch any sports. My daughter is only 15 and has only gotten her first phone at the beginning of the year for her birthday. She should not be getting scam calls especially because she is under age. What can be done about this? Please email me if you know how I can report this.


Robert |
This number is used as a "spoof" number for the Jacksonville, NC police department. The officers use their cell phone to call into a specific line, they type in a code, then the number the want to call. Which then forwards the call using this number. It is "spoofed" so an officer's cell phone number isn't shown on the receiving caller's phone.


Robert Martin |
Called very late at night, left no message=scam !


Nick Hill |
Call came from the ACLJ - American Center for Law and Justice. They're all about "protecting religious and constitutional freedoms." Call was for a fundraiser. If you answer and just say no nicely they stop calling. (I called them back and did the above.)


Noble |
Spam asking about working with local businesses and a career change.


Jax |
Received a text: "How are you dear?" Presumed a friend had a new number so I replied. They then told me my number had won €785000.


Spam nummer 0626856517 |
Dit is een nummer van een dame van lichte zede. Chick foto op Whatsapp!! 0626856517


i want to know my friend changed his number from 7274002541


Carmen Foster |
Call three times on a daily basis. I block the number. Just so frustrated.


Cherie Kurland |
music played, no voice, hung up. Based on others' answers - probably spam.


Escort |
he is a cheap guy. playing games and a time waster 609-356-4926


Marcel |
Calling my work number several times and not leaving a message


firemanff |
740-341-5923Jason Keigley is now living in his hometown Richwood Ohio. He is hiding behind a post office box but resides on Fulton Avenue. He has never paid back restitution to his many elderly victims nor to the State of Indiana he was court ordered to pay. He drives around in Hummer and recently bought a pool table. He seems really concerned about the victims and financial hardship he has caused many innocent people. Attempted rape charges plead to battery. He won't work a garnish-able job! Last known he delivers bread for Aunt Millie's as a contractor to the local dollar stores. He started a FB page Richwood watch43344 trying to claim to be a Christian, caring person. What Christian makes false Power of Attorney documents and purchases things (homes, lines of credit, credit cards...) in senior citizen's names? As the prosecutor said in the court room He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I don't know how he can look himself in the mirror daily knowing what he has done. Google his name. You will see many things about his actions.


katie |
They usually ask me for sexual acts to be performed. I can't even block the number


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Why |
All these people are liars! This number doesn't calll anyone


Kelly |
I get the loan of $20,000 from them


Harry |
No they are good guys we get the loan from them


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