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Does somebody want to transfer millions of dollars into your account?


Does someone want to pay you to cash cheques and send them the money?


Have you sold an item and are asked to accept a payment larger than the item amount?


Has a dying person contacted you wanting your help to give his money to charity?


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Recent Comment

alma |
Someone from this number text and asking for email, claiming that they are trying to book my home that I have listed on Home Away.


Spam Victim |
Received dozens and dozens of calls from this number and similar numbers from "first quote health" I called them back and pressed 2 on the option menu. Supposedly this will remove me from their call list. We'll see.


Jordzz |
Keep calling me over and over again. Ppi claim back. I've never had a fu***ng accident now p**s off!!!!! They call and call and call. Don't take no for an answer really starting to bug me now !!


anon |
Called the number back and it plainly stated that they are a marketing company working in coordination w/ Comcast to offer specials. I JUST ordered comcast service for the first time and it's scheduled to be installed 4 days from now, so this is not collections.


jake |
Not a Bright Star Number, do not answer any questions


Ilikeu |
This number calls me every day.. several times per day!


Roxane Lapa |
Received a cold call from these people despite the fact that my number is not listed anywhere that I can find. Says he got it of of Google. I will never do business with these people and I will never list them in any of my directories. I don't do business with spammers and cold callers. Ever.


Shyanhau |
she said she is calling from Hong Leong Bank


*privacy* |
Legit. It's jonquière tax center


Montréal resident |
Received an unwanted sales call from this number. I am sure my info was leaked.


Al |
This person calls everyday, breathes heavy and then hangs up. Probable spoofing or Russian hacker that wants your information


Terrorist Killer |
Godless Teleterrorist soliciting for donations to support ISIS and Al Qaeda in their war against America in order to be able to infiltrate American borders and slaughter as many Americans as possible.


Ralph |
This is just another number associated with the notorious Tidewater VA scam-fraud gang. They repeatedly robo-call on tie-lines from their call center in hell.


Penny |
Tried to reach me via Let Go. Wanted me to send money to New York...


Johnnie m bristow |
I know this person very well who wants to know I have her address all her name everything who wants to know


Johnny N |
Just got the missed call from this number no message left


Stacy Reardon |
This number calls me EVERY DAMN DAY at work. It's a recorded message in Spanish. Why would you keep roto-calling the same people over and over again when they hang up every time? So annoying.


Jenoui |
It's a shady pimp trying to recruit girls


GH |
This number sent me a text asking for my email. I have a home listed on VRBO and they claimed to have questions but were having trouble with their tablet.


Hate |
Telephone terror. Terrible.


Dev Gupta |
This is my number Any Problem 7042717167


Robert |
Scam artists. They send out postcards in the mail to new home buyers. If they come by my house I will shoot them with a gun.


Al |
Fred B. Miller, II, [email protected] Bright Light Consulting, LLC 8000 Walton Pkwy Ste 200 New Albany, OH 43054-6014 (614) 484-1881 Keeps calling everyday. Unwanted calls. C+ Rating on OHIO BBB.


Anon |
SCAM!! They yell at you saying you owe money. NOT TRUE! DON"T GIVE THEM ANY INFO!!!


Moe Szyslak |
Calls everyday just to hang up on me.


Jeff white |
Hooker GKG Girl


Guest |
his is i3 verticals/ infintech calling you to get information it is a horrible scam what they are doing but some companies will do whatever they can to get to the top. Even robot dialing their entire book of clients to drive out a worker they want to leave or to make a problem go away or brush things under the rug. Same stuff goes on in the the government I am sure, this is dirty that good business owners have to be part of this nonsense.


james |
This is pure scam. They claim to be calling about expired Microsoft Windows key. My a$$. LOL


Anon myous |
Company working for two different title loan companies. This number is for their mutual call center that tries to recover debts. Just take care of the debt and they will happily leave you alone.


Emil |
Got a call from them and a voicemail today. The voicemail had so much background noise, that I couldn't understand even one word. I tried calling back twice and I got a reply that the number is out of service. I also sent an SMS that never arrived to the number. I'm kinda puzzled as I never get such kind of calls.


Kate Johnson |
Hello everyone, my name is Kate Johnson.i was able to hack my husband's phone remotely and gained access to all his texts and calls.he is very fast and reliable,I use him whenever I want to be sure about someone.if you require his services tell him I referred you.


Dude at work |
called this morning, i said hello, they hung up.


Vish |
I got a call from a Claire who was following up from Mercedes Benz Brisbane, regarding a gift. She asked to call back on the same number.


Beatrice |
Said her name was Rose White calling from John Hopkins Hospital and aggressively asked to be connected with someone in the office. Wouldn't leave a message and said she would call back. Lord knows what would have ensued next.


topkek |
This is a confirmed online options trading scam, any money you give them you will never see


No idea what to think of this...they sent me a check for 400.01 in the mail, states it was a refund for overpayment on my account at a doctor's office....kinda crazy.....kinda scared to cash the check....haven't tried calling the number yet, as I'm unsure if this is just a scam to find active phone numbers......400.01$ sounds real enticing.....but when I deposit the check, they will then know I'm "alive" I suppose...


Analrapist |
None of these comments is accurate. All fake news. Really sad.


mr Mark |
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Hobby Lobby |
Reporting online scammer company-- Fire Mountain Gems and Beads-800-432-2319 This company is owned by a scammer in grants pass Oregon named stuart fraudman fire mountain gems and greed. Fire mountain gems has been ripping off people for years with slave labor junk from third world countries.Child slave labor and overcharging customers is how they operate.


This number belongs to H&R Block in Apple Valley MN


SarahNoName |
fraud- pretended to be my local car dealership calling from a number 600 miles away.


Pam Again |
SCAM!!!! Now this number has a recorded message saying something about payment owed and have to pay by one week then spewed a long file number, I hung up before the file number completed. Blocked the number.


Melissa Ann |
I rejected the call both times it called me on my cell phone today. I tried to call back and it said "the survey I was called about has now finished".


ThisNumber |
someone that does not have a life


Got an email with this phone # in it. |
********BELOW IS THE SCAMMER EMAIL I RECEIVED********* *****These scammers are such slime. Always do your homework before responding to emails as such as this****** Good Morning, My Name is Linda Richard, From Lindsey General Store LLC USA, I want to place an order to our branch in Singapore, Do you accept pick up from your store as soon as you receive full payment ? Do you accept Visa / Master Credit Card Issued in United States? I will be waiting your reply So as to select the items needed and forward payment. Best Regards Linda General Store (305) 563 8873


Sylvia |
I receive call from this number, is abt wwf , ask for contribution and donation .


Nccla |
I fell for the freakin scam sent them a payment of 190 and they sent me an application to renew green card and asked to mail a money order for the amount of 540 good thing I caught on to them before I sent the money order , got my bank on them and just hope info I submitted isn't used


Bob Eley |
I've received 10 calls from this number already today. Each time, it's an Indian voice (who claims he's calling from California) and even after explaining that I have a Mac and that Microsoft security would not be interested in my computer, they persist with their spiel. One time, a supervisor came on and asked me why I hung up on him last time and I gave him an earful. A short while later, I received another call.


nelly smith |
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nelly smith |
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